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Britney Spears’ Engagement Ring From Jason Trawick

December 21, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment  |  No Comments
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Oops, she did it again! Except this time, Britney Spears swears it’s no mistake; she says she has finally found the one.

And what does Jason Trawick think of his wife-to-be?

“She’s his everyday princess,” says celebrity jeweler Neil Lane, who created a custom engagement ring for trawick to pop the question to the iconic pop star. “Jason is a romantic and when I asked him to tell me about Britney and what the ring would represent to them so I could find inspiration, his response was always the same — she is his princess!”

Read on to find out more details about the one gift that Britney said she’s been waiting for!

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Charlie Sheen Files For Divorce

November 1, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment  |  No Comments
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Another Charlie Sheen divorce: I guess we sort of saw this one coming, didn’t we?

Based on a wild series of events in the non-stop drama filled life that is the saga of Charlie Sheen, he and wife Brooke are filing for divorce.

According to TMZ, it’s a bizarre one. Do you want to know why?

Charlie Sheen is the one asking for it!

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Ian Ziering Is Going To Be A Dad!

November 1, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment  |  2 Comments
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Actor Ian Ziering is jumping on the baby bandwagon! Ian Ziering and his wife Erin Kristine Ludwig have just announced they’re expecting their first child in April–and it’s a girl. As expected, the couple is over the moon!

Ian spoke to People and said they’ve been waiting for this moment for awhile. He said, “Erin and I are very excited to be parents. It’s something we both have always wanted. [Erin] is four-and-a-half months along, and we both are beyond excited.” Ian Ziering and Erin Kristine Ludwig married in May, but he was married once before. Ian Ziering married actress Nikki Schieler Ziering, but divorced in 2002 after five years of marriage.
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The Jury’s Still Out: Reese Witherspoon Engaged To Jim Toth?

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Is Reese Witherspoon engaged to Jim Toth or not? Your guess is as good as the next person’s. Celeb fanatics everywhere have been speculating on the pair’s engagement status but Reese’s rep told that “they are not engaged.” But reps don’t always tell the truth, do they?

Once married to Ryan Philippe (divorced in 2007), Reese Witherspoon, 34, seems enamored with talent agent Jim Toth, 40. Reese and Jim have been together since January shortly after her split from Jake Gyllenhaal. A source close to the couple spoke with People:

Jim knows Reese is the one for him. It’s what he’s been waiting for. [Getting engaged] is a natural step for them but they’re not in a rush. There’s no deadline, no timetable. But it’s something in the future.

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Jimmy McMillan Running For NY Governor But Comedy Ensues

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Jimmy McMillan is running for Governor of New York as the sole member of the Rent Is 2 Damn High Party (no this is not a joke). As if the facial hair, gloves and sunglasses weren’t enough, Jimmy McMillan turned the debate into a comedy show every time he opened his mouth. The debate was on NY1, but if no one told me that, I would have thought it was Comedy Central. How did this guy even get in the door?

In a gubernatorial debate, one might thing it would be difficult to make yourself heard, but this wasn’t a problem for Jimmy McMillan. Some highlights include (via Gawker):

-On the deficit: “It’s like a cancer. It will heal itself.”
-On negative campaigning: “As a karate expert, I will not talk about anyone up here.”
-On gay marriage: “The Rent Is 2 Damn High Party feels if you want to marry a shoe, I’ll marry you.”
-On the rent: “Too damn high.”
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David Arquette Lets Loose on Howard Stern

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David Arquette went on Howard Stern’s radio program to set the record straight. Kinda.

Yes, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are splitsville, population: those two.

Questions surrounding the divorce, and the lead up to it, have been swirling with speculation that possibly both of the stars had cheated.

Leave it to the subtle touch of the Howard Stern program to bring the facts to life, including who Doofy David has had sex with recently. Read More

Courteney Cox and David Arquette Have Split

October 12, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment  |  No Comments
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After 11 years of marriage, actors Courteney Cox and David Arquette announced Monday they have separated and did so a few months ago. Way to fool the media! Married in 1999 with one child, Coco born in 2004, the couple met in 1995 while on the set of Scream.

While finalizing the divorce, Courteney Cox and David Arquette had an open marriage and Courteney took full advantage of this by dating Brian Van Holt, her Cougar Town co-star. Some say she purposely paraded him around David in an effort to hurt him.

In the August 2010 issue of In Style, Courteney Cox, 46, put on a happy face:

We’re not lazy about our marriage…we have the same arguments we’ve had for years. It’s easy for people to just coexist, especially when you have such different interests and work lives. You have to make an effort to stay connected, and that’s something we work at.

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Roberto Alomar’s Wife Says HIV Positive Ex-Ball Player Forced Unprotected Sex With Her

October 7, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Sports  |  No Comments
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Roberto Almar’s wife is divorcing him, saying the former HIV positive major league ball player forced her to have unprotected sex with him.

Yeah, that would do it for me too.

According to reports, Maria Del Pilar “Maripily” Rivera Alomar, 33, says Alomar “intentionally, with corrupt intent, concealed from (her) his physical condition” to have unprotected sex with her, according to papers filed in a Florida divorce court, reports the New York Post.

Alomar lied in the beginning of the marriage, saying he was HIV negative. Read More

The Wire Daily Buzz Including Bret Michaels Kinda Naked!

September 28, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment  |  2 Comments
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Check out today’s top celebrity news stories including Bret Michaels posing semi-nude on the cover of Billboard Magazine, Paul Wall beating a fan with a microphone and much more after the jump!

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Nancy Wilson Files for Divorce from Cameron Crowe

September 24, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment  |  No Comments
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Cameron Crowe isn’t Almost Famous, he’s totally famous, but his wife, Nancy Wilson, still wants to divorce him.

She had him at “goodbye.”

According to CBS News, Wilson, singer-guitarist for the rock band Heart, filed for divorce from the writer-director after more than 20 years of marriage.

Wilson cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce, which was filed Sept. 16, according to CBS News. Read More